Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Journal Entry #1

Who is Chip Kidd?
Born on September 12, 1964
Author, Editor, and Graphic Designer.

He tends to do more freelance work and has worked for: Doubleday, Farrar Straus & Giroux, Grove Press, HarperCollins, Penguin/Putname, Scribner, and Columbia University Press.

After reading an interview from him, I grabbed a few quotes I liked...
-I try to avoid something that's literal.
-I think the challenge as a designer in tra
de publishing is to do something that's an interesting design, but that also has a mass appeal.
-I like trying to surprise people.

-Ideas are everywhere.

Who is John Gall? Born in 1963 in New Jersey.
Graduated from Rutgers University's design dept.
Worked for Vintage.

-A really great cover is going to convey the essence of the book in a unique and
surprising way that maybe pushes the design envelope a bit.
-If you think this is the way it should be done— do the opposite.
-Basically, I am always trying to surprise myself; and if I can do that, odds are others will perceive it as invigorating design. And I’m a big fan of the happy accident, and if I can contradict what I was saying about mass-market books, I will a
lso approach a project from the viewpoint of what I shouldn’t do. Like I really shouldn’t put an airbrushed unicorn on a cover … but let’s see what it looks like.

Bookcover Examples:

I enjoy bookcovers that play on words/images, give you an instant feeling, and leave you thinking. Others that immediately grab your attention with the colors and shapes are also fun Simple is best. And photography is a plus :)

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