Monday, February 23, 2009

Journal #5 is a fairly interesting site! They have so many different things you can look at, mess with, and learn about! They do a great job at navigating the viewers throughout the site and have a lot of nice additions to the website. Most of the stuff deals with being Green so it's a nice website to come to if you want to learn about anything that deals with this topic. I think it's a great way for them to spread the word about our climate change and a way to inform the society on what they can do to help stop global warming. The first video I watched with all of the number stats from 2008 was well put together. The timing between the slides was great and the transitions flew well together. Overall it was well put together. There's so much stuff on here that I can't really spend just one day looking at it all but it's a nice reference to have! Here are a few links I found interesting...

I actually now know how far away I have to travel if a bomb hits Lawrence or even an asteroid. crazy...

Smoking Hot
I'm not a great big fan of smoking myself but I found this interesting as well...You can mouse over which ever state in the US you want and find out what they ban, how much a pack of cigarettes costs, and about how many people in the state smoke. How exactly do they find these stats though??

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