Monday, October 13, 2008

Neville Brody Broad Notes

Is a current graphic designer that is still producing strong works, taking risks and proving the standard design rules wrong.

:- Born April 23, 1957 and still living.
:- In 1975 took fine art foundation courses at Horney College of Art; 976 started a B.A. course in graphics at the London College of Printing. Almost kicked out of school for putting the Queen's head on sideways on a postage stamp design; studied at Hammersmith College of Art; Alumni of London College of Communication.
:- Started designing record covers; revolutionary work as Art Director for "Face" Magazine; 1988 published first of his two monographs which have become the worlds best selling graphic design books; began studio 'Research Studios' in 1994 with business partner Fwa Richards; Has worked for Nike, Premiere TV, ORF, the House of World Culture in Berlin; instigated the FUSE project; founding member of FontWorks in London and designed a number of typefaces; Redesigned "The Times" in November 2006 by designing the new font Times Modern.
:- Currently live in London at Research Studios. February 2007 designed a new look for the champagne brand, Dom Perignon with his group.
:- His type style uses aesthetic elements from the Art Deco era but betrays non-European influence. His graphic language is an international model for computer orientated design.
:- image of your typographer

“I see my role,” he says, “partly as a catalyst for thought and for questioning. A lot of our work is an open-ended statement which often is not completed until the person who looks at it has reached his or her own conclusion.” - Neville Brody

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