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Journal #4: Animated Typography

Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. It is an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision, and can be created and demonstrated in a number of ways.

Typography is the study and process of typefaces; how to select, size, arrange, and use them in general. In modern terms. typography includes computer display and output. Traditionally, typography was the use of metal types with raised letterforms that were inked and then pressed onto paper.

Animated Typography is the mix of both things. Therefore, choosing specific type sizes, arrangements, etc to create an illusion of movement. In simple words, having text simply move on the screen to emit a specific emotion/feeling.

The experience changed with sound because when you first take a look at the video you form your own feelings toward the dialogue based on the typography. You paint the picture in your head and imagine how the text is being read. However once you put the sound on you eliminate the individual imagination and just follow how the speaker is emphasizing and phrasing his/her words. You just listen along rather than jump deeper into the speech to try to figure out your own mood towards the piece.

Most of the videos on animated typography that I viewed on youtube have the same simple transitions. They zoom out and in, flip the word, change the color, etc. I mean I wouldn’t say they are completely boring, because I too found myself amused by watching all of them but after a while of clicking through the videos I began to have a harder time finding different ones that don’t give me the same exact feeling/mood. This similarity between the projects weaken the projects (in my opinion) because they limit how unique the project is and restrict it from being memorable. After watching so many videos that ultimately do the same thing, I forgot which ones I had seen and honestly just blended them all together. The projects lack their individualism, they lack their originality that always makes projects stand out from the rest. With the same transitions happening in each video, the viewer becomes bored with the videos just by simply watching a few. The similarity also limits how you can express the dialogue. I found it odd that a video that had a “suspenseful” scene had the basic transitions that a “funny” scene had. I mean they both emit very different emotions when listened to however…they have the same transitions?? I don’t get it. The videos are lacking the specific emotions that they emit overall.

Mostly all of the animated typography found on youtube was the same. Zooming in and out, changing color and size, etc. However when I looked at the Adobe website and watched the mini tutorials on how to create for example movie titles, credits, effects, etc. They were actually different from those on youtube. I liked them because they were focusing more on the variations you can do in after effects, anyone can do simple type appear larger and smaller or change color but not many can change the font to follow a certain path, have a reflection, or mold into the 3D objects on the compositions screen. Another difference between these videos and the clips on youtube were that these Adobe ones moved more with the camera and changed the scenes. The youtube ones were just a blank color in the background and stayed at about the same camera angle. Instead of moving around the screen as if you had a video camera and were recording it at different angles. The effects were also much different and much more interesting than the simple techniques used at the beginning.

It was hard to find videos that I found were unique. I liked some but they were like all of the other ones. Here are the ones that I liked and at the same time were different than the normal.
14sec Haiku Animation in Typography: this one used more camera angles, rather than the ordinary look straight at the screen with a simple background color. It also incorporated images into it.
Type in motion SiKth test: Not one of my big favorites but I do enjoy the shape the text makes and the camera angles.
Alex Gopher - motion typography: This one is one of my favorites! I love how the type makes up the entire city and how the type moves in-between each other. I found myself following more of a story rather than type that just spelled itself on the screen. Two thumbs up for me ☺ I think the imagination was the strongest in this video out of the three.

These videos differ in the subject matter, the way they executed the project and how they decided to use imagery. The first video actually used images while the second and last used type to create the scene and the images. The emotions were each different as well. The first one was a poem and the second one followed a rock song so simple with knowing that, we know they differ in mood. One is much more heavier and strong while the other is calmer. The last one you as the viewer connected with the storyline, you kept watching to see what would happen next and usage of type to create the big picture was amazing to me ☺

The last one by Alex Gopher is my favorite. I know it’s not a dialogue that I follow, more of a story line inside my head and the song but I still believe it is a great example of what you can do with after effects or any program of that sort. I liked this one because it wasn’t short neither extra long, perfect length. It was unique, and it was creative. In this video by Alex Gopher, the color is used to distinguish things from each other. For example the woman from the man with pink and blue text. The sound was used to help build the storyline and keep it going. And the images used were used by bringing type int5o to make the buildings and people.

30 memorable movie titles...
Sweeney Todd: I liked the mix of photography/video with illustrations, sometimes I can’t tell what it is. I also enjoy how the viewer follows something thought the scenes, in this example it would be the blood. Or maybe it’s the whole Johnny Depp thing that makes it memorable for me? ;)
Seven: Creepy, simple, and dark. This clip used the sounds to go along with its creepiness that helped me remember it. It stood out to me for some reason.
Eurotrip: I enjoyed the simple illustrations that go in line with the movie. Making them animated to appeal to a teenage generation made them amusing to watch and thus memorable for me.

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