Monday, February 23, 2009

Final 3 Bookcovers

The Final 3 Bookcovers

Room after Room
Everything is Illuminated
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close


Addie Miller said...

Good work Alexandra! I like the colors you choose. You're sitting right next to me too. Haha, creepy.

cat coquillette said...

Nice work with the texture. It can be a tricky thing to pull off, but you did a really nice job.

Jovan Nedeljkovic said...


C Walsh said...

I like these. They pulled off having interesting, colorful images but in a simple, clean way. There is a ton of detail when you look closely. I think your use of color and texture really kept it lookin nifty.great job:)

Alyissa J. said...

I love your color palette! I think the second one is my favorite, I think because it actually looks illuminated.

Gavin Angell said...

I really love the imagery you have used here. I would say that the type running up on the back cover and down on the spine is a little distracting, but that could just be because I am looking at it flat, and not in three dimensions.

Overall though, I would pick those up off the shelf to look at their designs =)