Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Journal #2: Avoid Software

"It is not about the world of design, but the design of the world"

Bruce Mau was born on October 25, 1959 and is the founder of Institute without Boundaries.
Joined the Fifty Fingers design group in 1980.
Established his own studio: Bruce Mau Design.
Design Director of Zone Books and creative director of I.D. magazine.
Has won numerous awards.
He published a set of goals in 1998 called: Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.

Out of the 43 goals I chose this following one to follow through...

Avoid software.The problem with software is that everyone has it.

Why? It's true, everyone has software. Photoshop, Illustrator, etc... what makes things unique sometimes is creating it with your own hands. I know I tend to rely too much on the computer sometimes and I would like to do more things on paper. I do like to but I can never get down and do it. So forget software, I'm relying more on hand made things.

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