Monday, February 16, 2009

Journal #3: Trollback

A few points from the video...

-Don't deal with just motion, it's more than that. It's storytelling.
-Don't stay content, go further...when you learn a song on a guitar you always want to learn more, other songs. do the same...
-Design is a language used to express things. You can do so many things with it, Strive to get emotions out, you can make stuff and no need for what its saying however it works well if you do have an underlying message.
-To change someones views...discussions, pressure, pleas, and negative statements never work. Emotional messages work way better.
-During storytelling, be inspired, tell stories, and leave things out.
-Inspiration is everywhere

I really liked Trollback's views and his ideas. Not to mention that he was a DJ at one point :)

All of the clips on his website are awesome, it makes me want to do all of those effects...

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