Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Concepts + Persona

Concept Statement


“What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new.” Life is an ongoing domino effect. The decisions you make every day impact the future events and decisions that will come up. Once you make those decisions there is no going back, and you shouldn’t look back. Wherever you are at the current moment is due to your past decisions but the past is the past. We are constantly learning from our past. Avoiding mistakes we have made and therefore learning and growing as a person. Sometimes jumping deep into your past to learn things that were oblivious to you before is a good thing because you also learn about others along the way but occasionally investigating the past to open it up more is not the best idea. Certain information was never uncovered for a reason and once you uncover it, your views on life could drastically change for the better or for the worst. Only you have the absolute power to learn or hide from the truth.


“Every moment before this one depends on this one.” We are constantly in a domino effect. Each moment in your life is linked to the one before and after it. The past is what makes you who you are. As a child you are oblivious and naïve to the real world. After you begin to learn right from wrong, make your own memories and unfortunately your own mistakes you begin to build your character. You begin to mold your personality into something you will mature into. Although the past should stay in the past, it still is our only guide to figuring ourselves out. It will eventually make you or break you.


“Once you start asking questions, innocence is gone.” Every child lives with a mentality that everything in this world is picture perfect. They see no evil, no hurt, no worry, only the good in everything. The past is inexistent. It is said that children are much more fresh, alive, and live more human than adults. This is true, but for how long does this mentality last? Until when does a child begin to view the world in a darker light? Puberty? A child has far less memories to store than adults and because so, their minds aren’t filled with nonsense and are free of any fear or a bad past. They are innocent and naïve until the time comes when they begin to ask questions. Consequently, the answers they will find out will eventually distort their view on the world, drastically changing them from viewing things as picture perfect to a more realistic point of view. Revealing things from their past that will alter their present moment in time.

Audience Persona

Danica May is a young college student. She is from a small town in northern Kansas and is very close this her family. In the U.S tragic attack of September 11, Danica’s father was traveling back home from a convention when his plane was on of the ones hijacked. Sadly Danica lost her father that day and has been different ever since. Five years from the attack, Danica still continued to be affected by the tradegy. Danica has not been able to recover completely. After entering the University of Kansas, Danica was given the opportunity to read one of Jonathan Safran Foer’s books for her class and she has been changed ever since. After questioning why such a tradegy would ever happen and after replaying the last moments with her dad in her mind, Danica was able to put the past behind her and accept the fact that her father is no longer with them in person, only in soul. Foer’s books have give Danica a different outlook on life and have let live a more normal life.

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