Monday, April 27, 2009

Journal Entry: Larry Lessig

I always wondered if it was really legal or illegal to create something with someone else's resources. At times I would think it would be legal because you are RE-creating something but on the other hand you are using someone's art without their permission. Big debate that is still going on.

I really enjoyed Larry Lessig's talk about how the government is straining the design world by limiting our creativity. It made me reflect more on this prominent question and actually gave me more information from both sides of the spectrum. I believe his final statements summarize the entire talk well. His solution to this debate is that, "Artists and creaters choose that their work is available more freely." I agree with his suggestion because it helps get rid of the debate by having the artists choose if they want to make their work available to other artists/designers or to make them private for their use only. Similar to photos that are uploaded onto Flickr. You can choose to make them private or open for the world to see.

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