Monday, April 13, 2009

Journal Entry: Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman is a designer who has devoted most of her life to design. She has worked with Sterling Brands and designed many things that probable have been purchased in everyday purchases. In addition to this, she is a writer and has enjoyed working with Print magazine to write some articles. She is also in the process of writing and publishing two books: How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer and Principles of Graphic Design. She teaches at the School of Visual Arts and Fashion Institute of Technology, gives lectures around the US as a board member of AIGA and also hosts an internet talk show: Design Matters.
Design Matters is an internet talk radio show that talks about issues about graphic design. It is very opinionated and provocative and is listened by over 150,000 people.

Interviews are scratchy...gross...
Debbie Millman seems really bold. The interview with Trollback was similar to the TED lecture I listened to at the beginning of the semester. Because they went over the same things he mentioned during his lecture, he was self-taught, a dj, he begain designing by getting books from designers and imitating their work. Debbie seemed really impressed by him and how he was self-taught. I mean I would be impressed too if I saw anyone who was succeessful at something being only self-taught.

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