Sunday, March 29, 2009

Journal #7: DesignObserver

Type Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

As much as history is the past it is the present just as much. I mean we learn from our history and evolve from that. And not only in the history of the United States we learned all through school but in everything ranging from our own history of mistakes to the history of typography. Each new typeface that evolves is influenced by the one before it. Just as Jessica stated in the article, history of design and type is very much needed to learned as you grow into a designer. Just as we learned the history of our country throughout our academics, the foundation of design needs to be instilled into our heads as designers. I think it helps us grow into a stronger designer and helps us think of new ways of designing because we are able to look into the past to see mistakes and influences that will make our new design even better than the next. As far as the researching portion towards the beginning of the article, I would also be embarrassed if someone were to ask me especially during a portfolio review why I chose a certain type or color or book without even having a strong research to back it up. I agree with certain things like picking something because “I liked it.” There are times were I just feel like picking this certain font or style because I feel a connection between the expression in the letters and in the content of what I’m designing but not knowing the content of what I’m designing is something I will never want to do. Take for example the bookcover project. I picked a book that I loved and knew about to redesign but I also read about and started reading the two other books of the series I chose. I knew I wouldn’t be able to have a strong design idea without reading a little into the book I was redesigning because I wouldn’t know the tone of the book or the feelings behind them.

Other fonts to use instead of Futura? --> there is the oh so popular Helvetica :) It keeps futura's emphasis on geometric shapes, not as extreme but still keeps the same idea. Plud I do really like that font anyways. Some other ones we could use: Gothica which is also geometric but with a twist I think, and Interstate although i'm not a huge fan of that type, maybe because I see it when im driving...

The Four Lessons of Lou Dorfsman

Lou Dorfsman 4 lessons are so right! Next to Bruce Mau’s commandments these are 4 other things to put on my list of things I NEED to keep in mind as a designer. But not only me but others as well! After reading this article I got pumped to just go and start designing…this plus studio tours definitely pumped me up!

Mind the clients business:
I know I may get jobs that I really don’t find as interesting as others but that doesn’t mean those aren’t as important. Any job as a designer is important because it is an example of what you are, how you work, your process, everything. If you don’t put effort into a project just because you don’t like it as much or don’t see it as important it will only make you look like a lazy designer, someone who doesn’t find a joy in everything they design. Someone who does things just to get it done not someone who explores and risks things. Just like Lou was put in charge of the CBS radio dept not the television dept (the more exciting area) he still treated the radio station just as much as anything else and came out with great results which therefore made him move into the television dept later in life.

Learn to identify opportunities
Don’t just sit around and wait for opportunities to come to you, GO OUT & LOOK! Opportunities are everywhere around us and most of us just sit around and do nothing as other designers take advantage of those chances in life. Lou always looked for opportunities to make new projects and therefore became more successful with his designs. If you see something and think to yourself, “Man, that’s bad design.” Instead of just saying it and going on with life DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Re-design it.

Assume responsibility
As a designer you will have to stand up for many things you may feel strongly about throughout your life. Take responsibility and take action when you see something that needs to be done. Just like what I wrote above about doing something about it, take responsibility and do it! Especially for things you are associated with.

Define the company’s character
Instead of just working for your company or even just in class, do more. Don’t merely do what’s asked from you to get by do much more than that. EXPLORE! Put your personality in your projects. Do things to make the project more than what it is. Make it memorable, define what your company/project is about and work to make it more cohesive within itself but different from any other company/project from the pack. Do the extra to make things stand out. Think outside the box.

Ten Things that Need to be Redesigned

Hahaha, some of these things are funny but true.

Lottery Tickets are disturbingly gross…with too much color and text plus the cheesy factor.

The Hearse creeps me out and it is true, why can’t you ride in a pimped out car just because you’re dead. I mean true I wouldn’t want to ride in a pimped out car either but how about a classy and modern car?

Monopoly Money is unrealistic yes but to me its also just boring…nothing that grabs my attention. Plus I think last time I looked money was double sided…

Remote controls, definitely agree with Jessica. TOO MANY BUTTONS for everything! I know last time I was home I didn’t know what button to press to change the setting back to where it was when I accidentally changed it. Definitely not a good example of good design, Next thing I know well have buttons that that thing to control the microwave or even our cars.

Political Lawn Signs, same same and SAME

IRS forms, oh man those are confusing plus everything looks the same and doesn’t seem to be organized well, or put in a hierarchy

Those were just my favorite out of the bunch, but let’s take Lou’s 4 lessons into action and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! ☺