Monday, March 2, 2009

Final Flash + Found Postage

School of Design

I'm a sucker for type interlocked within each other. I know it may be overused sometimes but I still enjoy it. The arrangement of the text in the background also help express a feeling of excitement, loud, shining, burst of energy. These are all words that can also relate to James Brown. Good poster design for me :)

The colors grabbed my attention at first but after I looked at it closer I thought this designer did a great job at showing depth. The type can be a little hard to read but overall its well organized which is something posters should be in order to inform viewers.

So, I'm a sucker for type formed around each other, but I didn't mention I'm another sucker for images that mess with my mind. Like those which use Closer within it's images. Here in this Hope for Peace poster the viewer can either see a dove or two children holding hands. They both are representations for peace which is what the poster is about. The poster is also very simple and straight forward. It may not explain what Hope for Peace is but it gets the overall meaning of Peace out to the public.

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Alyissa J. said...

Ahhhh, you stole my poster! Just kidding, the poster is awesome enough for us to share.