Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Grids...why are they important to us as designers??

"Grids are all about control"
-Thinking w/ Type pg. 113

As designers, grids help us control the images or text by arranging them in a clear and understandable position. They enable us to move the images around the entire page and at the same time keep the right measurements to make everything even and in line. Therefore we are able to mix in a lot of different elements together and still have an ordered final product.

We divide the grid into different parts: Columns, Rows, Gutters, Flowlines, Margins, etc. Each part has a specific use. For example, columns are vertical divisions of space on the grid that help us align the different elements. Most writing systems are organized into columns.

Everyday example...Newspapers!!

Layout Workbook
Thinking w/ Type

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